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This course is the preparatory course from a cosmetic hand for the examination of the cosmetic master. Our owner has been active here with the Federal Ministry as an expert on the ordinance from the very beginning and has helped to create the framework curricula for the chambers. We always update the content to keep it up to date.  


This course consists of 100% beautician hands. 400UE

Our owner  pushed this course from the first lesson.

As a freelance expert, she was then employed independently by the  Federal Ministry of Economics to write down the regulations.

Later she co-wrote the framework curricula for the ZWH and chambers of crafts.

A magazine even kindly dubbed her 'the beautician's mother'.

Therefore, in our academy you will always receive your own current updates.


The owner also sits on the examination committees of some chambers.

The beautician master is a professional training, the examination of which is regulated by the chambers of crafts. 

Depending on the responsible chamber, for example, entry requirements, duration of further training and, if applicable, degree designations may differ.

Participation in a course is not mandatory for admission to the examination.

Part 3  680,-€


Part 4  3600,-€

can also be completed separately with us.

We recommend that you pay attention to a higher access requirement, so we will accompany you in the access process.

(Price including funding)


Our opinion: Unfortunately, someone from a completely different professional field with a completed apprenticeship or with another master's degree from another professional field can theoretically complete the examination to become a cosmetic master within a short time, even without many years of cosmetic know-how/specialist knowledge. That's why we have our own admission criteria, so that everything remains 1000% in experienced cosmetic hands.

Online beautician master or professional part 1 and 2

2 600,00 €Price
Excluding VAT
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