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Make-up & Hair Artist

Online and face-to-face classes possible
Secure up to 50% EU funding now

What sets us apart is the subtle difference in makeup lessons.

The profession   in the makeup industry is   very diverse and we have known this industry for over 18 years.

From makeup artist / hair & makeup stylist to  makeup artist, we have been offering our seminars successfully for many years.

Our make-up department   has existed for over 18 years.

Our professional makeup school also borders on the fashion sector time and again. Thus, there is always the cooperation  with the participants or graduates of the fashion area at our educational academy.

We teach  authentically so that our participants can implement their projects and experiences.

To date, we rank among the best  makeup schools in the country. 

For many years we have also been happy to be represented at Fashion Week with the best graduates.

Unsere Vorteile: Wir sind ein auserwählter und offizieller MAC Partner seit über 15 Jahren. Das heißt, dass es Ihnen Sicherheit geben kann mit wirklichen Profis zu arbeiten. ​​ Unsere Lehrinhalte und die Umsetzung kann nicht einfach nachgelesen werden.  Die Langzeitausbildung enthält weitere berufsübergreifende und allgemeinbildende Inhalte. International- Auslandspraktika möglich. Bewerbung zur Aufnahme in unsere eigene nationale / internationale Agentur möglich.​ Schminken kann jeder, aber ein Profi Make-up erstellen mit Akzenten und der eigenen Handschrift bedarf wirklicher Erfahrung. Die  Bildungslehrgänge im Make up und Hair Style Bereich werden in Dortmund, Düsseldorf und auch bundesweit in Berlin, München, Frankfurt mit  Terminen angeboten.


References Makeup area


  • The owner herself was active at Prêt-à-porter in Paris. References include years of work at DIOR (LVMH) 

  • Our references: Film projects up to the fashion show by Wolfgang Joop as a reference.

  • As part of Mercedes Fashion Week, we recommend our most talented participants.

  • Wolfgang Joop, Zalando, Christian Dior.

  • Our references: Film projects up to the fashion show by Wolfgang Joop as a reference.

  • As part of Mercedes Fashion Weekwe recommend our most talented participants.

Themeninhalte und weiteres Die Inhalte sind Themenübergreifend und Berufsübergreifend. Mehr infos erhalten Sie unter Zentrale 0231-58680638 oder Der Unterschied einer Schulung bei unserer unabhängigen Schulungsinstituition ist, dass zusätzlich übergreifend erläutert wird. Ein Objektiver Erfahrungsaustausch ist grundlegend.  Den  Bildungslehrgang im Makeup & Hair Bereich bieten wir  in Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Troisdorf/Köln, München, Frankfurt und Berlin an.


Makeup module base

Here you get all the content you need for professional use as a make-up artist .

You choose the modules yourself.

Here is an excerpt of individual modules:

  • dermatology

  • History Times/Decades

  • color science

  • symmetry

  • color science

  • techniques

  • Eyeshadow

  • Lipps

  • old & young make-up

  • movie makeup

  • TV makeup

  • Photo makeup

  • Black/white 

  • scars, blood,

  • gunshot wounds

  • black-and-white

  • eyeliner

  • black fantasy

  • Haute Couture

  • Style & Epochs

and much more

€880     per module



Master class 6 - 9 months

Here you study according to your creativity.

The course lasts 6 months. You can repeat the exercise units or participate in film projects again and again for up to another 3 months.

Possible with HWK degree.


without flight and overnight stay

Frisur stecken

Hair styling 1 month

puts up elements,

water waves

blow dry



and more  you will learn with us.

This course is not a hairdressing course.


without flight and overnight stay



Would you like to work internationally? We are networked and aligned in this regard.

International trainers have been our guests for many years, whether online or on site.

per presentation.


In the group course, the course awaits you including a challenge and project assignment. A photographer is involved.


- international speakers on-line or on site


- For trips without a flight and overnight stay

Schwere Augen Make-up

Makeup Artist 2 months

You determine the Zeitraum . This course  is compiled as compact course.

You can also complete the   theory units in the virtual classroom.




makeup artist

Become a makeup artist.

This course prepares you for working in the theatre. 

from 10116,-€

without flight and overnight stay


Photo Shooting Set Card Mappe 



Our film & photo Team also offers films and set cards outside of the courses Foto Shooting/ Image.

We have been offering outfits, locations, models and more for over 15 years.

from 1116,-€

upon request

Weiß Make Up

Makeup Artist Professional

3 months

Color theory, color types, products, camouflage, skin types, face shapes, shades & highlights blush, highlights and shades, mouth shapes & techniques, eyebrows, eye shapes, eye makeup and various techniques, artificial eyelashes & accessories, day makeup, bridal makeup, evening makeup, nude makeup, makeup for Show/Shootings: African & Asia Beauties, Dandy & Co.

(20s/30s), PinUp's & More (40s/ 50s) Hippie & Flower Power (60s/ 70s, test recordings),

disco queens /70s/80s),

Makeup Fixes and No Go's

Airbrush introduction, basics, old make-up, wounds and scars, gunshot wounds, lighting conditions
Preparation and execution of the SHOOTINGS:

Professional shootings including models cover &


Extra booking on request:

Fashion shootings with different light settings as well as different themes and looks.




Makeup Social Multimedia 


Your Social Media Perfect appearance.

conceptual procedure.




work shop


In this workshop we   go into individual topics.

The themes are constantly updated.

body painting

Crazy Colors



plus Material

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