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Permanent makeup, microblading and

Hair stroke, powder brows and 

all others techniques

Online and face-to-face classes possible

Once learned with us, no questions remain unanswered! Guaranteed.

  • We work with products from WOW Brows and Swiss Color.

  • The manufacturer courses are always conducted separately.

  • Both product ranges are unique and stand alone.

  • We have been offering the permanent technique and the microblading technique for many years. We have regularly and continuously completed our own annual international   training courses abroad.

  • The trainer license also follows on the basis of expertise. 

  • We are also sometimes used as experts in the free market.

  • We are happy to include international techniques.

  • The content is interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

  • You can get more information at headquarters 0231-58680638 or

  • The difference between training at an independent training institution is that the content   is also explained in detail. An objective exchange of experience is a matter of course.

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