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Our doctors, educational scientists and cosmetologists have developed this teaching content. It is not a lesson that can be read on the Internet. We always look at the subject areas that are holistic.

In this seminar you will learn the basic elements of dermatology. You will also learn the medical-cosmetology approach in a targeted manner.

What is important is that you receive lessons from real educators who have learned how to teach correctly and over the long term. 


Excerpt of the content:

skin aging process


Anathoie physiology


skin reading

skin abnormalities

Effect of active ingredients in the skin

skin history

skin assessment

Dermocosmetics 1

Structure and strategies of the consultation

Price offer for:

Members of the National Cosmetics Initiative €255

Beautyfine Academy customers €255


Topics: For each booked Option  one Themenfeld  can be offered in the online training. Any further questions can then be clarified.

Derma Module Level 1 Basic Dermatology

Excluding VAT
  • Ideally, book tutoring in all areas now. Theory & practice. 

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