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Beauty business hybrid

Be Competent

Learn with me and my team how dein individual beauty business hybrid works.

Now AUTHENTIC, INDIVIDUAL and GOAL-ORIENTED take your business to a new level.

Fast and reliable.


Self-learning online

Introduction to your personal social media profile

- Create templates

- Create calendar

- Questionnaires create

- Create videos

- Create website

- FB Marketing

- Instagram Marketing

- Google Marketing

€300 each

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Running the beauty business optimally

Your business company

Run your business the right way.

Running a business properly is more than understanding accounting.



Self-learning online


- Calculation

- Business financial plan

- Retirement provision with several business fields

€600 each



Beauty business hybrid

We know the entire market.

It's not enough to just continue your education in social media. You need individuality. And that's exactly what you don't find most of the time. Are you mass or are you unique?

Logically, you then need more than general Info.

Depending on your budget, you can book the self-learning principle with us.

Videos, templates and an online consultation.


We implement your business wishes.

We will work with you to find out which website is ideal for you. Which templates are effective. Which marketing campaigns for you are personally correct.

We have already helped a lot of people in the background.

- Website with different systems

- Create templates

- Social Media Marketing, FB, Instagram & Co

- Advertisements

- video films

- Influenza concept

from 500,-€



image movie
drone movies

​Create your professional commercial now. You can send existing material and it will be professionally edited and a video created in the optimal format.

The following videos are currently being offered at a reduced price. Aerial photos will follow exclusively on request.

from €598


Self-learning online & LIVE

Your characteristic Your positioning

- Recognize, consolidate, design, visualize your distinguishing feature

- Your positioning

€600 each

Unbenanntes Design-98.jpg


coaching and training

6 months business hybrid & competence

Success goes a different way.

In this complete package we will show you how you can go your own successful path and how you can survive world crises such as Corona.

Since we are an educational academy, you will also automatically receive what we after the strategy talk determine included.

You get:

- Analysis conversation

- needs assessment

- You will receive your determined requirements from us. 

video tutorial



Self-learning online


- Recognize businesswoman

Disturbing weaknesses analysis

potential analysis

Develop a timetable individually

Recognize market analysis

€600 each

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