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A&W teacher (with IHK Diploma
TTT pedagogy IHK degree)

ADA bill AEVO and more

Online and face-to-face classes possible
We have been active in solid trainer education for many years.

Presence & Online

Pedagogue IHK
& Train the Trainer IHK

The highest in-depth trainer course

is the Train the Trainer course.

This course is recognized and valued in applications from international renowned industrial companies.

In principle, funding is possible

400 or 640 units

10116,-€     Basic

15000,-€   Professional

Junger Buchhalter

Presence & Online

BA Trainer

The Beautyfine Trainer can be combined with other courses. This course involves the basic trainer course, including   the additional supervision of your other trades.



Professionelle Präsentation

Presence & Online

Educator with teaching qualification IHK

Proper qualifications are required to teach properly.

Everything else, such as work experience, naturopaths, beauticians are not sufficient in accordance with education.

Therefore we offer the educators with IHK / HWK and state regulation..

An AZAV is only for the internal trainer suitability, for companies that hire a trainee as an employee would like.

640 units



Geschäftsfrauen, die in Flur gehen

Presence & Online

AEVO trainer qualification IHK

This is the preparatory course for the instructor's license. Young people usually do training during their training period. The word 'training' is also used incorrectly for short-term courses. 




Presence & Online

Trainer base

The classic trainer license KC and C belong to a proper basic basis of a coach.

We have scheduled all content accordingly.




Presence & Online

Manufacturer trainer

The manufacturer trainer can be carried out through our cooperations.

These are usually just unregulated contents of solid trainer education. Here we work together with  Firmen in the beauty area. However, as an educational academy, we involve more content in order for your groups to be successful.

depending on partner 




  • learning on Modul base possible.

  • Unfortunately, the word coach is not protected. But one should distinguish between 'manufacturer' trainers (usually product-related), trained independent trainers in various forms or the trainer's certificate, which is intended for internal purposes (internal support of young trainees).

  • The formal A&W educator with examination from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, which we offer specifically for the beauty industry as the only academy, is used for adult education.

  • We have the educational science approach to educational science,  so that the training can also be successful. Incidentally, 'lecturers' are mostly only active at universities. Therefore, they are actually called instructors if they are qualified.



  • The focus differs depending on the course variant. 

  • Here you will only get general content, because we our Concept not here publish more.

  • You can be sure that everything is well-founded and taught at a high level of educational science. 

  • Funding is available to us through many institutions certainly possible. Contact us.

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