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This face-to-face course is ideal for experienced professionals who would like to have their recognition carried out in accordance with state regulations.

  First of all, we will check your approvals personally.

Duration 3-6-12 months. Depending on individual needs

Cosmetics State recognition for experienced professionals.


This course is ideal for experienced professionals who want to complete the state qualification.

The regulations are increasingly affecting the beauty industry.

With the state degree, you can confidently face the future, for the purpose of any upcoming changes.

Price per module.


1. Cosmetics & Dermatology

2. Economy





How to start:

Appointments are regularly possible in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

1. Book and pay

2. Many appointment options.

You will receive an email from us asking you when you would like to start. After that we send all Termine  in the desired period.

In the case of exceptions, such as night shifts, childcare, etc., special arrangements can be made with appointments.

3. Then it starts.


Material/devices are not included in the prices. 

€2400 per module


Cosmetics State Professional Experience Compact Presence 1 module

Excluding VAT
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